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SBJ Morning Buzzcast: August 5, 2022

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The Hall of Fame Village still faces financial headwinds, LIV Golf gets its first day in court and MLB sets next season’s London series.

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The Hall of Fame Village still faces financial headwinds, LIV Golf gets its first day in court and MLB sets next season’s London series.

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The NFL was in action last night as the Las Vegas Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 27 to 11 in the hall of fame game in Canton, Ohio, and the premier league kicks off its season today with crystal palace hosting arsenal, if not for the scorching temps and drought light conditions across much of the us, I might suggest that a feeling of fall is in the air. Good morning. It's Friday, August 5th. This is your S BJ morning buzz cast. I'm David Albright filling in for a mad Corps. Speaking of Canton hall of fame resort and entertainment company has escaped a going concern notice, but it remains in a precarious financial position. It reported 104 million in debt and 13 million cash on hand at the end of March, and is still only generating a few million in revenue each quarter, Q2 results come next week. Events such as the USFL championship in July and a Dave Chappelle performance.This Sunday, our picking up the pace, but the village needs more day to day foot traffic, urgently reports, our Ben Fisher and his S SPJ football newsletter. The timely financing and completion of the water park and hotel project is critical. The company has secured term sheets to cover the costs, but there are still financial headwinds given current conditions. Despite all this the stock market is showing some optimism for the ho F V stock shares closed at $1 and 7 cents on Thursday, nearly double its mid-June low NFL commissioner. Roger Goodell has chosen former New Jersey attorney general, Peter C. Harvey to hear the appeal of the six game suspension for Cleveland Brown's quarterback to Sean Watson, the NFL is seeking a tougher penalty under the league's personal conduct policy in the wake of disciplinary officers, Sue L Robinson's ruling on Monday under the collective bargaining agreement, Goodell had the option to consider the appeal himself or to appoint a designee.The NFL is appealing for an indefinite suspension. That would be a minimum of one year as well as a monetary fine and treatment that the quarterback must undergo. There is no timeline for when Harvey will hear the appeal, but according to the league's personal conduct policy, it must be done on an expedited basis. The first legal challenge to the PGA tour stand against live golf will come Tuesday in San Jose. The us district court for California's Northern district has scheduled an in person hearing for the three players, Taylor GUC, Hudson Swofford and Matt Jones who have challenged the tours suspension for violating the circuit's policies and plane in the live golf league. The players have filed for a temporary restraining order that would allow them to play the FedEx cup playoffs, which begin next week in Memphis, the hearing is scheduled for 1:00 PM Pacific, and the tour must file any opposition to the player's motion for relief by 8:00 AM Pacific on Monday major league baseball plans to return to London next year.For the first time, since 2019 with the Cardinals and Cubs set to play a two game series on June 24th and 25th at London stadium, the Cardinals and Cubs were supposed to play in London in 2020, but the games were canceled because of the pandemic MLB last played in London in 2019 with a two game set between the Yankees and red Sox. That also was MLBs first regular season games played in Europe, the 2023 London series as part of an international slate that was approved in the March labor agreement between MLB and the players association. It also calls for London games in 2024 and 2026, the first France games in 2025 annual Mexico city games from 2023 to 26, an Asian opener in 2024 and a Tokyo opener in 2025. Staying on the international beat, the NBA and fanatics are announcing an expanded multi-year collaboration to open the first brick and mortar NBA stores in Australia beginning this year, the first NBA store is at the Emporium Melbourne with the second opening in Sydney in the near future, the flagship stores are operated by lids, which operates the NBA stores in New York, London, and Paris, as well as an upcoming one in Berlin.On August 16th nuggets guard, Jamal Murray will visit the Melbourne store and interact with fans. The expanded collaboration builds on the NBA's relationship with fanatics, which currently operates NBA and 21 international NBA store eCommerce sites. John McEnroe, an actor will Ferrell will host a live audio stream on mix halo during AFCs home match against Charlotte FC on August 13th reports, sport techies, Andrew Cohen, the commentary will be exclusively available to fans attending the match at bank of California stadium who download the free mix halo app to listen through their phone or connected headphones Macin row and Farrow who became an L a F C investor in 2016 will provide commentary of the soccer match on mix halo alongside Fox LA broadcaster, mark Rogan, Dino, if you're not familiar, mix halo is a realtime audio platform intended to be used by fans when they attend live events and has previously hosted inve audio activations with the Sacramento Kings and Buffalo SRS.We'll end on a programming note on the latest episode of their podcast, Andrew Marshan and John ran discuss why TTS Charles Barkley said no to live golf, and they do a deep dive into how the champions league writes deal is looking like it may come down to the incumbent, CBS paramount plus versus Amazon. They also talk about how they would be doubling down on women's sports programming, because the viewers are there. You can listen to the marsh, Chandon, Iran, sports media podcast on apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. And that's your S BJ morning buzz for Friday. I hope everyone has a great day, an even better weekend. And we'll see you back here Monday morning.