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SBJ Morning Buzzcast: October 10, 2022

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Goodell hints at NFL division in Europe, the Pac-12 takes its media rights to the open market and the MLS Cup Playoffs field is set.

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Goodell hints at NFL division in Europe, the Pac-12 takes its media rights to the open market and the MLS Cup Playoffs field is set.

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With a number of playoff spots still up for grabs on the final day of Major League Soccer's regular season. It was a scramble on Sunday for several teams to make the post season known. Traditionally as decision day, all of the Eastern Conference teams kicked off simultaneously, followed by all of the Western conference teams. Less than three hours later when it was over, FFC Cincinnati earned a playoff birth. For the first time, Al Salt Lake, Orlando City and Minnesota United also captured spots. The Portland Timbers who went to the MLS Cup final last season were eliminated as the top team in the East Philadelphia gets an opening round by and L A C has the West's first round by the MLS Cup playoffs get underway on Saturday. Good morning, it's Monday, October 10th. This is your S Spj Morning buzz cast. I'm David Albright, filling in for a mad core NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hinted at bringing a four team European division to the NFL speaking in London.

Goodell said there's no question that London could support, not just one franchise, I think two franchises. I really believe that he added. We're trying to sort of see could you have multiple locations in Europe where you could have an NFL franchise because it would be easier as a division. The NFL is also expanding out of London this season by having the Bucks play the Seahawks and the first ever game in Germany next month. So if you follow that for the first time ever, the league has hinted at the possibility of a four team division based in Europe, and this didn't come from some mid-level executive whose extemporaneous remark will later be walked back by 3 45 Park Avenue. Goodell himself made the statement. The fact that London has two NFL ready stadiums proves that if and when a team moves to London, it will be two, not one, just like the league did when it returned to la and it would be easier as a division because those teams would play each other twice a year.

Think about it. That's 12 games per season that would be played among the European teams without overseas travel. Speaking of the NFL in Europe, Premier League Club, Tottenham Hot Spur is in meaningful talks with Google over naming rights for its 62,850 seat capacity stadium. The venue holds obvious appeal as well as hosting the club's home matches. It also regularly hosts the nfl, including Sunday's Giants Packers Game. Todd Klein, the club's first chief commercial officer hired in 2021 earlier in his career, helped the Dolphins land a naming rights deal for Hard Rock Stadium. Google has struck a number of sports partnerships in recent years and marched the McLaren F one team signed Google as a multi-year sponsor while the tech giant also has commercial agreements with the NBA and mlb. Amazon Prime video average 9.7 million viewers for the Colt Broncos matchup on Thursday night football in week five, Marking prime video's lowest audience yet in year one with the TNF package each of the previous Amazon games.

This season has drawn north of 11 million viewers. Amazon also is down 34% from the comparable TNF game on week five last season, which was on Fox and the NFL Network. It's the lowest week five TNF audience since NFL Network on its own. Drew 6.9 million for the Bills versus Browns. In 2013, which was the last season that Thursday night football aired exclusively on NFL network. Amazon still won the night across all tv. Amazon's now averaging 11.26 million viewers after four Thursday night football games. Up 18% from the first four games last year. Three of those on the NFL network, one on the combination of Fox and the NFL network. Amazon also is seen a median age of 46 for its game telecast, which is eight years younger than the NFL average on linear networks this season. Amazon also is up 67% in the 18 to 34 demo compared to the first four Thursday night games.

Last season. The PAC twelve's exclusive negotiating window with incumbents, ESPN and Fox Sports has ended without a deal, meaning the conference can now take its full set of media rights to the open market reports arm. Michael Smith. The next phase of talks is underway with the PAC 12 expected open negotiations with other media companies for linear TV rights and streaming rights. In the exclusive period, the PAC 12 could only negotiate the package of rights that ESPN and Fox have. Now that the conference has moved its rights to the open market, all of its games are open bidding. There isn't a clear picture of when the PAC 12 will be able to finalize a deal. In San Jose, John Wilner wrote PAC 12 Media right Talks have entered a crucial new phase that will shape the future of the conference. According to sources, he says the open market negotiations are expected to include at least one major digital player.

Expect that to be Amazon or Apple, along with the PAC twelve's current partners, ESPN and Fox, and possibly others showing interest. The cover story in this week's s spj issue is the final Champions profile of 2022. John Iran has a fun read on Fox Sports Executive Larry Jones. It's filled with great stories and provides a very interesting look at someone who's been quite instrumental in many facets of Fox's growth, but who has done so in a very under the radar way. Adam Stern looks at the current issues facing NASCAR as some owners and drivers have complained about safety issues related to the next gen car. Brett McCormick's story on how the Detroit Princetons are reimagining the end of court space for new premium options at Little Caesar's Arena will be one that everyone in the industry watches closely. And Ben Fisher has a profile of new Denver Broncos president Damani Leach, and how his time in the NFL office gives him a unique perspective as he navigates his new role at the franchise level. That's your S Spj Morning Buzz cast for Monday. Hope everyone has a great day, and if you're headed to New York City for the CAA World Congress of Sports, we'll see you there tomorrow morning.