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SBJ Morning Buzzcast: October 14, 2022

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Postseason play gets underway in both the MLS and NWSL, NFL owners still have a big bill to pay and CFB coaches keep rolling to the bank.

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Postseason play gets underway in both the MLS and NWSL, NFL owners still have a big bill to pay and CFB coaches keep rolling to the bank.

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The NCAA and college leaders are exploring a short schedule of summer exhibition basketball games, likely two to four that would enable schools to play each other in Phil Void when college basketball has very little presence. NCAA officials began talks with commissioners, conferences and schools earlier this month about a limited schedule that most likely would begin in the summer of 2023 or 2024. It would include both men's and women's basketball. Our Michael Smith has all the details, including the conversation with NCAA SVP of Basketball, Dan gat, and the October 17th issue of s bj. It's also currently available is a featured early access story on sports business Good morning. It's Friday, October 14th. This is your S Spj Morning bus cast. I'm David Albright. Filling in for a mad core Austin FC is sold out all 34 regular season matches. It's held at Q2 Stadium during its two seasons of existence.

The longest active streak in mls, so it's no surprise that demand to see the club's first playoff game is especially high. According to secondary sales data from Seek Geek, which is also the team's primary ticket sales partner. The average resale price for Sunday's MLS playoff match against Real Salt Lake was $286 as of Thursday morning, while the cheapest ticket available on the platform was 1 38 had get in prices more than double that of the next highest MLS playoff match. This weekend, Austin fc President Andy Loch name said 99% of the team season tickets holders opted to purchase playoff tickets and at the remaining tickets sold out within minutes when they went on sale. Despite the date and the time of the match not yet being announced, the Austin FC Ral Salt Lake match will air on ABC and fans and attendance will receive an Austin FC branded Rambler Tumblr from Yeti.

The club's primary kit sponsor the NWSL rolls into the playoffs with 14 league partners. Notes are David Broon. Nike has been there since the beginning while CarMax, Sirius XM and UK G are rookies. The post season presented by Bud Weiser, the league's second longest tenured sponsor begins this weekend as the league wraps up its 10th season Ally, which came aboard last year, will title sponsor the championship game this season. The leagues packed with Twitch is up after this year, while one more season remains with CBS Sports, which will carry the October 29th NWSL championship game in prime time on its broadcast network. The NFL is scheduled an owner's vote next Tuesday that would finally settle the question of who ultimately pays the 790 million settlement one by St. Louis and its lawsuit over the Rams Controversial 2016 relocation to la. Details of the proposed cost sharing plan are unknown, but the resolution of the dispute would put an end to one of the most fractious issues inside the NFL ownership fraternity in years.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the authority to unilaterally decide the issue if the owners remain in an impasse, but a negotiated consensus is always preferred. At the October league meeting one year ago, Rams owner Stan Croke first informed his colleagues the expected help in covering a possible settlement. A surprise to many of the owners who were under the impression Croke had agreed to indemnify them during his campaign for approval to move the Rams to LA the Spring. Goodell appointed a five person committee of owners to study the issue, but their work languished and it's not clear whether they ever issued any formal recommendations. Last month, pro football talk reported that Goodell was going to conduct a hearing. This year's annual USA Today sports examination of SBS coaches pay reveals a 15.3% rise in average total compensation compared to last season. The greatest one year spike since the current basic methodology was put in place for the 2009 survey.

While that increases measured against 2021 figures that still were being affected by pandemic related pay reductions, if those reductions aren't included, the increases 12.8% Alabama coach Nick Saban has the most lucrative average annual package of all at 11.7 million with potential earnings of 93.6 million through February of 2030. Excluding bonuses 18 Power five public schools awarded their existing coaches raises of at least 1 million. The average pay for the 52 Power five public school coaches is just over 5.45 million this season. Up from 4.66 in 2021, Neston will livestream Bruins and Red Sox games in 4k. HDR becoming the first US Regional Sports Network to show NHL and MLB games. In that video quality. Within its own streaming app, cloud media delivery company, Akamai Technologies has partnered with SEN to facilitate the bandwidth for the 4K streams on the SEN 360 streaming service. The high quality video is initially only available for all home games, streams for the Bruins and Red Sox Nest in 360 debuted 4K during Red Sox Home Games this past MLB season and will extend to Bruin's home games starting on Saturday.

We'll close on a programming note in their latest Sports Media podcast episode. Andrew Marshan and John Iran interview Amazon VP of Global Sports video Marie Donahue. It was Donahue who first hatched Amazon's plan to go after the rights for Thursday night football and she led how the streamer has approached its look both in front of and behind the cameras in the pod. Donahue reveals some news on an addition to the TNF pregame and she talks about interest in the NBA Big 12 and PAC 12. She also talks about what it was like to row in the Harlem River as part of Columbia's crew team while in college. Plus, Andrew and John have their usual who's up and who's down segments. They delve deep into MLB and Sinclair while also providing the prognosis of the current state of the PAC Twelves media rights. And that's your S Spj Morning buzz for Friday. I hope everyone has a great day and even better weekend, and we'll see you back here Monday morning.