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SBJ Morning Buzzcast: October 27, 2022

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The WNBA continues its business transformation process, the NCAA issues new guidance for schools on NIL and The Famous Group has a new partner.

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The WNBA continues its business transformation process, the NCAA issues new guidance for schools on NIL and The Famous Group has a new partner.

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Expect to see more marketing by PepsiCo and its cohort of brands around the WNBA, particularly with Las Vegas ACEs Star Asia Wilson. That was one of the key takeaways from a panel at SBJ's Game Changers event on Wednesday at MetLife Stadium. PepsiCo Senior Manager of Sports Marketing Erica Smith recounted how Wilson in 2018 became the first female basketball player on the Mountain Dew roster, which gave Asia her very first endorsement deal. Then came increased WNBA activation at the Team league and player level, such as sponsoring the three point contest at the WNBA All Star Weekend nba, a VP of Global partnerships. Lawrence Sullivan referred to Wilson as the face of the league and prompted Smith to further say quote, We might be seeing some sort of Asia mixed with other NBA players coming soon from the Pepsi family.

That could be an interesting campaign. Good morning. It's Thursday, October 27th. This is your SBJ Morning Buzz cast. I'm David Albright, filling in for Abe Madkour. Speaking of the WNBA commissioner Kathy Engelbert, who began her role in 2019 said the league remains in a three to five year business transformation process. Speaking at the SBJ Game Changers event, she said this was the most viewed WNBA season since 2007 with an all-time league high of 160 games on national platforms and ESPN amassing 1.1 trillion social media impressions on the possibility of providing charter flights for players throughout the season. Remember, the league provided them for the W N B finals and Commissioners Cup finals. Englebert said the cost would eclipse 20 million per year and it underscores the need to secure a strong media rights package when the current contract with ESPN expires in 2025.

Engelberg also maintained that the league hopes to add at least two expansion teams. Also by 2025, the NCAA division one board of directors issued new guidance on NI to member schools, which includes a non-exhaustive list of what is and isn't permissible. D one schools received clarification on their involvement in IL activities, including the rules of engagement with booster backed collectives. For example, schools can inform athletes about potential opportunities or make connections between athletes and donors or collectives. Though they cannot negotiate a deal on behalf of a player or a collective school, staff members are not allowed to also be employed by or have an ownership stake in a collective. Permissible conduct includes arranging space on campus for a meeting between an athlete and a collective, as well as retweeting an athlete's n I L activity. MSP Sports Capital finalized its acquisition of a majority stake in the X Games.

Reports are Chris Smith. ESPN Productions will maintain minority ownership in the action sports property and ESPN will retain the near term domestic linear broadcast rights under the terms of the sale agreement. Over a dozen ESPN staffers also will move over to the new, the new X Games property, largely filling roles in event operations, athletes relations, and social media. Tony Hawk has also joined in an advisory capacity. MSP is led by Sons investor, Jon Na Jaffy, and former Padre's owner Jeff Morad. It's portfolio includes Stakes and McLaren Racing and soccer clubs in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Belgium. The Atlanta Hawks signed JP Morgan Chase to a multi-year extension of their sponsorship deal, which we'll see the brand remain. The official bank credit card wealth management and investment banking sponsor of the NBA team and State Farm Arena reports our Austin Carp. The brand first signed on with the Hawks in late 2020.

Chase is part of the extension. We'll add entitlement of the arena's high end Chase concert club. Chase also will become presenting sponsor of Project Rebound, a community platform that works with good sports, a nonprofit whose mission is to drive equitable access in youth, sports and physical activity. The famous group, the technology company which works for teams, leagues and brands, and is best known for creating experiences like the mixed reality. Carolina Panther announced that longtime executive producer Andrew Isaacson has been promoted to partner Isaacson joined CEO John Slusser and Chief Information Officer Greg Harvey as partners on the executive leadership team in first joined TFG in 2001 and is served as an executive producer for more than 20 years, overseeing production of experiences for teams and leagues such as the nfl, nba, mlb, nhl, NCAA, and others. The famous group was founded in 1997 and is based in Los Angeles.

We'll close on a programming note just days before calling his first World Series game. Fox Sports is Joe Davis joins the Marsh Shannon Iran Sports Media podcast to talk about how his meteoric career took off. Andrew Marsh Shannon, John Iran opened the pod by discussing two stories they broke this week. The duo discussed Jim Nancy's decision to step away as the NCAA men's basketball tournaments, main play Byplay announcer and CBS's decision to replace Nance with in Eagle to also discuss the NBA's decision to mandate that regional sports network announcers travel to every game this season. Other topics include updates to the Big 12 and PAC 12 media rights negotiations and this weekend's NWSL Championship, which CBS will carry on its broadcast network in prime time. You can listen to the Marsh Shannon Iran Sports Media podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, and that's your SBJ Morning Buzz cast for Thursday. I hope everyone has a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.